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ActivTrak Coach can help you understand how team members are spending their time, see how workload is distributed amongst team members, and identify potential issues like burnout risk which often go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Leverage the data-driven insights and personalized recommendations available on the Coach - Utilization page to help your team maintain healthy work habits.

Key Questions:


Is my team trending toward burnout?

Understanding how workload is distributed across your team enables you to spot burnout risk early, so you can address it before it becomes a serious problem. It’s normal to see occasional fluctuations in workload, but if team members are consistently working long hours or outside of traditional working hours, this signals an ideal time to check in and see how they are feeling, or what they may need to achieve a healthier balance. The Coach Progress Report can help you differentiate between an ongoing issue and anomalies caused by a big project or deadline.

What guidance can I provide to help decrease my team’s risk of burnout?

Leverage the Coaching Advice on the Utilization page to provide guidance on healthier work habits that can mitigate burnout (e.g., coaching, break times, off-hours). Consult the Workload Balance - Trends analysis and Coach Progress Report to assess whether your guidance is making the intended impact on burnout risk levels.


Watch this video for a quick overview of the Coach - Utilization page. View in fullscreen by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

The Utilization page provides detail on overutilized team members, along with “Coaching Advice” — specific actions you can take to help your team maintain healthy work habits and avoid burnout. Click a team member’s name to drill into the Workload Balance - Analysis dashboard for more detail on how work is distributed across your team.


High utilization Coaching Opportunities are based on the productive hours/day goal as well as the suggested break time/day. 

Individuals are identified as overutilized if they meet one of the following conditions over the last 4 complete weeks:

  1. The number of productive hours per day is at least 30% higher than the goal; OR
  2. The number of productive hours per day is 15% higher than the goal AND the average break time/day is less than the suggested break time/day (10 mins in break time for every productive hour per day)

Managers can adjust how these opportunities are identified by updating their team’s goals.

Productivity Lab Tip

  • It’s helpful to collect trend analysis over time in the Personal Insights Dashboard for an individual who is indicating burnout-like behavior. Here, you can assess the degree to which their behaviors are deviating from their normal habits. 
  • Solutions to over-utilization vary. While you may not immediately know what the solution is or how long it will take, it’s important not to delay engaging with your employee. Burnout is known to impact stress and health; offering support quickly, even if just acknowledging the pain point, can have substantial impacts.

Learn more about Workload Balance:

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