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Focus time without distractions is important for creative thinking, problem solving, and to complete tasks. The Focus page in ActivTrak Coach identifies team members who are not able to meet their focus goals and have low focus efficiency due to time spent on multitasking or collaboration activities. 

Key Questions:


Who on my team requires my support?

Focus time is essential for deep work and high-quality output, but it can be hard to come by. Meetings, email, and distractions tend to eat into our days, leaving little time for extended periods of focus. The Coach - Focus page helps managers identify team members who need support in this area, and provides coaching tips to help team members reduce distractions and carve out more focus time. The Coach Progress Report can help you determine if this is an ongoing issue.

What guidance can I provide to help improve my team’s focus efficiency?

The Focus page provides Coaching Recommendations to help team members improve their focus time, such as muting chat notifications and blocking focus time each day. Reference the Work Efficiency - Trends analysis or the Coach Progress Report to understand whether your guidance is making the intended impact.


Watch this one-minute video for an overview of the Coach - Focus page. View in fullscreen by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

The Focus page provides detail on team members who are not meeting their Focus goals and have lower-than-recommended Focus Efficiency, along with “Coaching Advice” – specific actions you can take to help your team reduce multitasking time, improve their focus, and reclaim time on their calendars. Click a team member’s name to drill into the Work Efficiency - Overview dashboard.


The low focus Coaching Opportunities are determined based on the focus hours/day goal. Individuals are identified as having low focus if, over the past 4 complete weeks, their focused hours/day are:

  1. Lower than the goal; AND 
  2. Focus efficiency (percentage of focused time in relationship to total time) is less than 35%.

Managers can adjust how these opportunities are identified by updating their team’s goals.

Productivity Lab Tip

It’s true — all roles will require a different amount of focus, collaboration, and multi-tasking time (think: engineer versus people manager). That said, everyone can generate value from getting more focus time throughout the day. While amounts will vary, it’s a helpful metric to understand so that we can unlock our minds for deep and creative problem-solving.

Learn more about Focus Time:

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