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When you’ve provided coaching guidance to your team members, how do you know whether it is leading to improved behaviors and outcomes? The Progress Report in ActivTrak Coach helps you evaluate the impact of your interventions by showing trends in team member work habits.

The Progress Report can also help differentiate between ongoing issues and anomalies caused by a major project or an impending deadline.

Key Questions:


How can I track the impact of my coaching on my team’s work habits? 

The Progress Report provides a six-week view of team member activity in each of the three Coaching categories, so you can quickly assess who has ongoing issues and whose habits are improving over time.

What should I do if a team member has continuous negative trends?

When you see an ongoing negative trend, hold an exploratory discussion with the team member to better understand the key drivers behind the behavior. Remember, not all issues are addressable at the individual level and may require broader solutions. Based on the opportunity type, consider whether it’s necessary to make team-level changes, such as reallocating work, reducing meeting load, or adding headcount.


Watch this one-minute video for an overview of the Coach - Progress page. View in fullscreen by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

Team members who have had a Coaching Opportunity within the last six weeks will appear in the Progress Report with progress indicators next to their names.

  • Each red circle represents an opportunity in a consecutive week. In the example above, Fernando has been in the High Utilization category for five weeks in a row, suggesting that he is consistently overworked and may be at risk of burnout. If a user has been in the highly utilized category for more than six consecutive weeks, then the progress bar displays 6+.
  • When a team member’s work habits start to improve, you will see a green circle for each consecutive week that the team member does not have a Coaching Opportunity in a given category. In the example above, Dawn had an opportunity in the Low Efficiency category at some point in the last six weeks, but over the past four weeks, her work habits have improved. If a user has been excluded from one of the opportunities for more than six weeks, then the user will be hidden from the progress report.
  • If a team member moves back into the progress report (with a red circle) it indicates that the behavior reemerged as an opportunity for coaching for the team member (based on the previous four consecutive weeks).

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