Upload Groups & Assignments in Bulk

If you've ever needed to create lots of Groups and assign users to them, you know this can be a tedious process. For many of us, lists of users and the groups/teams they belong to are easier managed in a spreadsheet. In fact, we often get these as a CSV export from another system.

That's why today we're introducing Groups Upload via CSV.

1. Navigate to Groups settings

Under Settings > Users & Groups > Groups


2. Select Upload Groups

Click Create Group and then Upload Groups

Groups___ActivTrak_2021-07-06_14-07-29.png Groups___ActivTrak_2021-07-06_14-09-03.png

3. Download your existing Groups

Download from this window:


...or from the Download button on the Groups home screen.


Tips 💡

  • These downloads are identical and export in CSV format
  • Users may appear multiple times if they are assigned to multiple groups
  • Groups without users and users that are not in any groups are listed at the bottom

4. Add new Groups and assignments

For example, below are my 4 users in the 'Sales' Group. In rows 6-9, I create sub-groups and assign the users to the appropriate ones.

Tips 💡

  • The only columns required for upload are group_name and user_id (or blank if creating empty groups).


5. Export back to CSV and upload

Export your spreadsheet as a CSV. Then drag & drop or select the CSV from your file explorer:


Your results will appear after upload:


Tips 💡

  • With this version you cannot modify or delete groups or assignments

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