Release Notes: Personal Insights Dashboard Enhancements


We are pleased to introduce several enhancements to the Personal Insights Dashboard to make it more accessible and provide additional reporting views that enable employees to optimize their time.

Personal Insights in App Navigation

ActivTrak Premium users will now see the Personal Insights Dashboard in the Insights section of the left app navigation, making it significantly easier to find and return to on a regular basis.


Personal Insights can also be accessed by drilling into a user’s name in the following reports:

  • Coach - Progress Report
  • Activity Breakdown
  • Work Efficiency
  • Benchmarks & Goals
  • Technology Usage


  • The first time an app user visits the Personal Insights tab, the dashboard will default to the first user (sorted alphabetically) within the app user’s Viewable Groups. The User filter can then be used to select the person whose Personal Insights they want to see.
  • On subsequent visits, Personal Insights will default to the most recent filter selection.

Collaboration Hrs/Day in Summary Metrics

Collaboration Hrs/Day are now displayed in the seven-day summary metrics displayed at the top of the Personal Insights dashboard to reflect the time breakdown categories shown throughout the dashboard:

  • Productive Time
  • Focused Time
  • Collaboration Time

Focused Session (mins) has been moved from the summary metrics to the Productive Time Breakdown section in the dashboard.

New Key Metrics by Day Section

A new “Key Metrics by Day” section is now displayed in the Personal Insights dashboard to provide a daily view of how employees spent their time over the last week. Total Time for each day is broken down into three categories: Productive Hrs/Day, Focused Hrs/Day, and Collaboration Hrs/Day.


New Day Type Filter

A new filter, “Day Type,” has been added to the Personal Insights dashboard to allow users to limit the data displayed to either weekday or weekend activity.

Select “Weekday Only” to ensure that averages (e.g., Start and End of Day, Productive Hrs/Day, Focus Hrs/Day) are not skewed by weekend activity. Alternately, selecting “Weekend Only” can be useful in analyzing overtime work.

The Day Type filter has also been  added to the Executive Summary and Benchmarks & Goals dashboards. It is already available on all other Insights dashboards.

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