Mouse Jiggling Software and Similar Activity-Mimicking Devices

Our team is aware of the data manipulation that can occur due to use of mouse jiggling software or a physical device to attempt to mimic computer activity. Here are some best practices to help mitigate inaccurate data stemming from these sources.


We recommend assigning applications such as "mousemover.exe", "sessionguard.exe", "mousejiggle.exe", "caffeine.exe", etc. to the "Ignore" category. This ensures that the activity is excluded from all reports except the Activity Log (please note that activities in the "Ignore" category will also still be reflected in the interval graphs found at the bottom of the Top Users and Productivity reports). ActivConnect customers will still see "Ignored" activity in the records pulled via SQL, but it can be easily identified by looking at the category and flagging/ignoring it.


In addition to "Ignoring" these executables, we recommend defining alarms for when they appear. An example of what the conditions may look like is included below (you may choose to add others as well):



Alarms can also be triggered by activity duration. It is rare to have single activities of more than 30 minutes to 1 hour uninterrupted. With this in mind, a second alarm can be defined for activities greater than a decided time cutoff to identify potentially suspect scenarios. An example of what this condition may look like is included below (the value is entered in seconds, so '1800' = 30 minutes):



For further assistance with alarms please refer to this guide. You may also reach out to or initiate a chat session in-app.

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