Release Notes: Configuration for minimum threshold for Active Day & Team Benchmark Scores in the Personal Insights Dashboard

We are pleased to introduce two new enhancements for ActivTrak Premium users:

1. Configuration for minimum threshold for Active Day

In an effort to improve accuracy in calculating daily user averages, a new configuration option in the Insights - Configuration tab allows ActivTrak Admins and Configurators to configure the minimum threshold for an Active Day, based on hours of productive time. 

Active Days are used to calculate averages, such as average productive hours per day, where a user's productive hours are divided by the number of Active Days in a given time period. Users can configure the minimum threshold for an Active Day (based on productive hours) to ensure that averages are accurately calculated, and are not diluted by a brief period of activity on a weekend or other non-work day. 

Here’s an example of how configuring your Active Day settings can affect your reporting: If a user logs 40 hours of productive time over a 5-day period, their average productive time will be calculated at 8 hours per day. 

However, if that user logs onto their computer for 5 minutes over the weekend, say, to check email, and the Active Day threshold is set to 0 within your account, that day would count as an Active Day and distort daily averages. The total productive time logged would be divided by 6 days, decreasing the user’s average productive from 8 to 6.7 hours per day.

To solve for this, and to avoid inaccuracies in reporting, navigate to the Insights - Configuration tab and assign a minimum threshold for what your organization would consider an Active Day. For example, if your Active Day threshold is set to 2 hours, a user must log at least 2 hours of productive time in a day for that day to be considered an Active Day.

Default Values

  • For current ActivTrak Premium customers, the default Active Day threshold is set to 0 productive hours per day, so that data in reports is not altered without a user taking action.
  • For ActivTrak Premium customers who create an account after the release of the Active Day Threshold, the default will be set to 2 productive hours per day.

Please Note:

On days when the Active Day threshold is not met, all activity will still be logged and will appear in ActivTrak reports, but the day will not be factored into the calculation of average metrics. This provides a more accurate representation of a user’s work time and ensures that averages are not artificially low. 

The Active Day threshold applies to all users within an account, and cannot be configured for individual users or teams at this time. Additionally, the Active Day threshold will be applied retroactively to enable an accurate comparison of data across time periods. Users may see higher values for average metrics after configuring a minimum Active Day threshold.

2. Team Benchmark scores in the Personal Insights dashboard

With the new Team Benchmarks filter in the Personal Insights dashboard, users can select a team against which to compare their metrics. The filter options are based on a user’s viewable groups, and data for that team is displayed in aggregate — users will not see individual data for other team members.

A new Team Benchmarks table in the Personal Insights Dashboard displays the comparison team’s daily averages for four key metrics — Screen Time, Productive Time, Focused Time and Collaboration Time — so that individuals can use it as a reference for comparison to understand how they are performing relative to their peers.

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