ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce: Beta Program

What is ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce?


ActivTrak Integrate combines workforce productivity metrics with key business applications to understand which work patterns lead to task completion, bottlenecks, and outcome achievement. ActivTrak Integrate now offers a Salesforce integration that enables users to combine productivity data from ActivTrak with sales rep activity data from Salesforce to identify and understand the activities and behaviors that contribute to sales pipeline generation.


Beta Program Overview


The Beta program allows us to provide qualifying customers early access to the valuable insights in ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce and for those customers to influence the direction of this product. From October 5 through November 30, 2021, ActivTrak is inviting joint Salesforce customers to apply to participate.


In exchange for participation and feedback, ActivTrak Premium customers invited to the ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce Beta will receive complimentary access to the Salesforce integrations for 90 days, starting on the Beta program sign up day. Participants will be able to access two Salesforce integrations focused on pipeline creation - one using Leads and the other Opportunities, depending on the customer’s Salesforce configuration. Participants will receive Microsoft Power BI dashboards to view these insights during their 90-day ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce Beta trial:


  1. Integrate: New Deal Pipeline - Leads: Understand how productivity drives lead conversion team-wide and per rep.
  2. Integrate: New Deal Pipeline - Opportunities: Understand how productivity drives opportunity creation team-wide and per rep.

Beta Program Timeline

  • Program registration (through November 30, 2021). Click here to get started.
  • ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce demo & feedback session.
  • ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce setup and onboarding session.
  • 90-day access to ActivTrak Integrate for Salesforce Beta within your ActivTrak account.
  • End of Beta program feedback session.


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