While troubleshooting, our support team may ask for a TaskList file. This command will display a list of currently running processes on the computer in question. Having this list allows our team to determine if our Agent is running, and whether there are any unexpected processes that may be interfering with the Agent or the data collected.

  • Search for Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and select 'Run as administrator'.


  • A popup will ask "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" Select Yes.
  • Type or paste the following:
    tasklist > c:\tasklist.txt
    and hit enter in order to output a text file to the C: drive, or change the path to send it somewhere else.
  • For example, this command:


resulted in a file being created in the Downloads folder:


  • Send our support team the file that was created by attaching it to your ticket.


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