Release Notes: Exclude non-business activity details from Insights dashboards

We are pleased to introduce a new enhancement for ActivTrak Premium users that provides more control over the details displayed in Insights dashboards. With this release, Admins and Configurators have access to a new setting on the Insights Configuration page that allows them to exclude details of non-business activities from Insights dashboards.

By default, the details of websites and applications that are either undefined or classified as unproductive are displayed in the following Insights dashboards:

  • Team Comparison - Side by Side
  • Work Efficiency - Inefficiency Sources
  • Technology Usage - Overview
  • Technology Usage - Top Changes

By enabling this new setting, organizations can give managers access to deep workforce productivity insights while protecting employee privacy and reducing concerns around exposing personal data.

To access this new setting, navigate to Insights > Configuration and toggle on “Exclude Non-Business Activity Details.”


Please note: This setting is applied at the account level and cannot be configured for individual users or teams.

Once enabled, the following reports will display aggregated or anonymized data:

  • Dashboard: Team Comparison - Side by Side
  • Reports: Top Non-Business Apps/Sites, Top Applications/Sites by Allocation %



  • Dashboard: Work Efficiency - Inefficiency Sources
  • Report: Top Non-Business Apps/Sites


  • Dashboard: Technology Usage - Overview
  • Report: Top Applications/Sites by Allocation %


  • Dashboard: Technology Usage - Top Changes
  • Reports: Applications/Sites Trending Up, Applications/Sites Trending Down



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