ActivTrak & Salesforce Configuration Guide


ActivTrak Integrate combines workforce productivity metrics with key business applications to understand which work patterns lead to task completion, bottlenecks, and outcome achievement. ActivTrak Integrate now offers a Salesforce integration that enables users to combine productivity data from ActivTrak with sales rep activity data from Salesforce to identify and understand the activities and behaviors that contribute to sales pipeline generation.

This integration provides the following capabilities:

  • Integrate: New Deal Pipeline - Leads: Understand how productivity drives lead conversion team-wide and per rep.
  • Integrate: New Deal Pipeline - Opportunities: Understand how productivity drives opportunity creation team-wide and per rep.


To begin, it is important that any user who publishes and those who intend to interact with any of the dashboards in Power BI have a valid Power BI license. Specifically, the following requirements need to be met:

  • A configured Salesforce Integration through the Integrate Beta program.
  • Users have an ActivTrak Premium license and the ActivTrak ActivConnect add-on or Trial
  • Users who need access to the published content will need permissions to access the workspace or the published report 
  • Power BI Pro license for content publishers and viewers or the report is contained in a Power BI Premium capacity (EM or P SKU) with a Power BI license
  • Users have signed into the Power BI service to activate their Power BI license

Note: Microsoft offers different Power BI plans. Below are some options to consider. However, it is recommended to contact your Microsoft representative to discuss your organization’s specific needs.

Initial Setup

Prerequisite: You will need the Google Cloud account provided by ActivTrak to access your ActivConnect instance.

Follow the steps below to configure ActivTrak’s Power BI Template using the Power BI desktop app.

  • Connect to Google BigQuery: Required for new customers and to validate access to ActivConnect.
    1. Go to the URL provided by the ActivConnect  set up team
    2. Enter your [accountnumber] email address
    3. Enter your temporary password (you will be prompted to change it if this is the first time you access your ActivConnect account).SFDC_art_graphic.png
  1. Importing your data in Power BI desktop application:

a. Once you have completed the above steps on your Google Cloud Console, open the ActivTrak & Salesforce Integration Template for Power BI (PBIT) file you have downloaded from the Integrate page inside the ActivTrak App.

Note: Depending on your configuration you may have one of the following templates.
Salesforce Integration - New Deal Pipeline_Leads.pbit

Salesforce Integration - New Deal Pipeline_Opportunities.pbit


b. When prompted, enter your ActivTrak Account ID.  ie. 123456 and click load.


You will be required to login depending on whether you are connected to a Google Cloud account in Power BI desktop. Once you sign in, your data will be loaded.

Note: You can visit for additional information.


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