Release Notes: Windows 8.2 Agent

The ActivTrak Windows 8.2 Agent introduces new system events and key performance enhancements related to stability and reliability, and compatibility with the latest Windows 11 operating system.

New Agent System Events

Systems running the Windows 8.2 Agent and greater will generate events in the Activity Log for “Schedule on”, “Schedule off”, “Agent Uninstall”, and “Shutdown”. These new events provide useful contextual information to administrators looking at a system’s activity logs.

Stability Enhancements

The Windows 8.2 Agent has been optimized to use less system CPU and memory resources. Additionally, the Windows 8.2 Agent communicates more efficiently with ActivTrak’s backend services. When used in terminal servers, the Windows 8.2 Agent includes a new ability to upload data in parallel when multiple users are generating activity from a single system. 

Reliability Enhancements

Behind the scenes, there are a number of key reliability upgrades with the Windows 8.2 Agent. These enhancements provide ActivTrak with new tools to proactively monitor Agent and platform health, including a new crash reporting system and upgrades for diagnostic tools that translate into faster troubleshooting capabilities for technical support.

Update Options

Auto-updates will automatically upgrade your Windows machines to Agent 8.2 before the end of 2021. You can also manually upgrade to the new Windows 8.2 Agent now by installing from the 'Download Agent' button.

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