Release Notes: Insights Subscription Management for Admins

We are pleased to introduce Insights Subscription Management for ActivTrak Premium, a new feature that gives Admins and Configurators the ability to view and manage Insights email subscriptions created by any app user on their account from a centralized Subscription Management Dashboard. 

From this page, Admins and Configurators can:

  • Search and filter by subscription owner, subscription name, or dashboard name.
  • Delete subscriptions one-by-one or in bulk.
  • Reassign ownership to another app user, granting that user the ability to edit the email cadence and recipients, or delete the subscription altogether.
    • Please Note: Subscriptions can only be reassigned to users who have permission to view the data in the associated dashboard. (The team selected in the dashboard’s ‘Team’ filter when the subscription was created must be included in the user’s Viewable Groups.) When reassigning a subscription, Admins and Configurators will see a list of users with the appropriate permissions.

Having centralized control of Insights email subscriptions is especially useful when:

  • An employee leaves an organization: When an employee with access to ActivTrak leaves the company and an Admin deletes the user’s account, any email subscriptions created by the user will remain active. With new, centralized management, Admins and Configurators can delete these subscriptions or re-assign ownership to an active user. 
  • An employee changes roles or moves to another team: If an employee with app access changes roles or teams, they will continue to receive existing email subscriptions containing their old team’s data, even after an Admin or Configurator has updated the user’s Viewable Groups. An Admin or Configurator can now delete these subscriptions to ensure employee data privacy. 

We recommend reviewing email subscriptions across your account on a regular basis to ensure employee privacy, accurate data analysis, and alignment with organizational changes.

To take advantage of the new Insights Subscription Management dashboard, navigate to Insights > Subscriptions, which will display all email subscriptions created by any user on the account. 

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