Release Notes: Role Access Configuration for Insights Reports

This summer, we launched a Role Access Configuration feature that gave Admins granular control over users’ access to data within ActivTrak. Based on feedback from our Premium customers, we have added further functionality to this feature.

Admins now have the ability to configure access to Insights reports for Configurators, Power Users, and Viewers at the page level. This makes it easier for managers and individuals to focus on the data that’s important to them and gives Admins greater control over the level of employee data shared with other users.


To access this feature, navigate to Settings > Access > Role Access.

If no changes are made within the new Insights section, each User Role will retain the permissions previously selected, and there will be no impact on which Insights pages each role can or cannot access.

You can find more information on configuring and assigning User Roles in this article.

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