ActivTrak's MS Teams Template Setup Guide

Easily access your ActivTrak workforce insights in your MS Teams account (via ActivTrak's PowerBI Template) by following this guide.

Note: Instructions may vary depending on the Operating System and version of MS Teams. 

  • Select the desired team from the Team list and click the “+” sign in the General section to add a new component.

  • From the popup, you can either 1. Search for Power BI or 2. Click on the Power BI icon if already displayed.

  • Once you click on the Power BI icon in the above MS Teams tab section, a popup should appear showing you all the reports available under your different workspaces. You can also select the apps section to use the published ActivTrak for Power BI app. 
  • Select the desired report or app related to your ActivTrak setup and click Save


  • The app or report will be added to your team’s channel. You can now collaborate, share and discuss productivity metrics with your team.

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