Release Notes: Configurable Role Access for Admins

We are pleased to announce our latest release: Configurable Role Access for Admins. Admins now have the ability to streamline and customize their ActivTrak experience by hiding features, dashboards, and reports they don’t use. This removes clutter from the app navigation and makes it easier for Admins to focus on the data that is most important to them and most relevant to their organization’s specific use cases and goals.


To access this feature, navigate to Settings > Access > Role Access. From this page, Admins can check the pages they wish to hide. 

NOTE: Only Admins can access the Role Access page and alter user permissions. Any Role Access configuration changes made to the ‘Admin’ role will apply to all Admins on an account, and changes made via Role Access won’t be reflected until each Admin logs out and back in. 

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