Release Notes: macOS Agent 8.2.11

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest macOS Agent, version 8.2.11. This latest version of the macOS ActivTrak Agent incorporates several prominent bug fixes and stability improvements, including:

  • More frequent reporting of the Agent machine public IP address to better support cohort and hybrid work analysis.
  • No longer reflecting an employee with activity on the computer lock screen as active until they have logged in to the machine. 
  • Other performance enhancements.

Due to the significant upgrades the 8.2.11 macOS Agent brings, we highly recommend all macOS users and devices upgrade their Agents immediately.

To upgrade your macOS Agents to version 8.2.11:

  1. Click the blue Download button found in the upper right-hand corner of the ActivTrak Dashboard
  2. Download and run the latest version of the macOS Agent installer.

For alternative upgrade options, please read this ActivTrak Agent deployment guide.

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