Release Notes: macOS Agent 8.2.14

We are pleased to announce our latest macOS Agent release: 8.2.14! 

This latest version of the macOS ActivTrak Agent brings several improvements and enhancements including:

  • Improved: Location Insights for devices on VPN (to support an upcoming Premium feature)
  • Fixed: Several bug fixes
  • To see details on all updates with this release, side-by-side with previous versions, please click here.

To upgrade your macOS Agents to version 8.2.14:

  1. Click the blue Download button found in the upper right-hand corner of the ActivTrak Dashboard
  2. Download and run the latest version of the macOS Agent installer.

For alternative upgrade options, please read this ActivTrak Agent deployment guide.

NOTE: Version 8.2.14 supports future auto-updates, but you may need to manually upgrade devices to this version first.

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