UI Updates to Group-related Features

We’ve made some updates to simplify how we display Group Source and Group Type. 

  • Group Source displays where the group originated – ActivTrak, Active Directory or Azure AD groups. 
  • Group Type displays the types of members within the group – users, computers or a mix of both. 

Historically, we displayed the Group Source and Group Type with an icon in the following locations:

  • Group Settings pages
  • User/Computer filter in our Live Reports 
  • App Access for selecting the groups a user can view
  • Alarm Configuration for configuring group-based alarms

Groups Setting Pages

Within Settings > Groups, a new column, “Source & Type” has been added to clearly identify where the group originated and the Group Type. The source icons now display a logo to make it easier for Admins or Configurators to manage the groups, as shown below.



User/Computer filter, App Access and Alarm Configuration: 

Within these three user interfaces, we’ve removed the Group Source and now only show the different Group Types, as shown below.



Above: User Filters in Live Reports


Above: Computer Filters in Live Reports


Above: Group Selection for Alarms


Above: Viewable Groups for App Access

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