The Activity Log

The Activity Log is the master record of all digital activity and time spent by your team. Details of all websites accessed, apps opened, log in and log out times, and time spent Passive is logged here.

The Activity Log is a highly data-intensive report since it records all digital activity for every monitored user. As a result, it can generate a significantly large amount of data across all users on any typical work day. We advise using this report as a reference rather than for analysis due to the large volume of data, and using other ActivTrak reports or ActivConnect for access to larger datasets for analysis.The UI and Exports functionality for this particular report is limited to 5000 rows to ensure faster loading of data. Narrow the scope of data by selecting a shorter time period or fewer users to return results quicker.

NOTE: If you are using the Chrome extension, any time not spent in Chrome will be logged under the title "Not In Chrome Window".

How to Utilize:

This report can be accessed from the left menu under  Live Reports > Activity Log.

The Activity Log is the complete record of all activities performed by your team. Every activity is recorded, even websites, and applications that have been marked as "Ignore" under Settings > Classification. As the complete record, no data can be removed. Like other reports, the Activity Log can be filtered to show specific users, groups, computers, and periods of time.

  • Like other reports, the Activity Log can be filtered to show specific users, groups, computers, and periods of time.
  • Once a date has been set, the report can be further filtered using the green circle by the time of day. For example, you could set the report to show all logs starting after 12:00 PM.
  • The Activity Log can also be customized to show more or less data. By clicking on "Columns", you can customize which data is displayed:
  • The Activity Log can also be exported, either to a CSV file saved locally on your computer or to a connected Google Drive account. You can download either the current page or all pages.
  • The Activity Log can be filtered to look for specific activities. For example, if you wanted to see when your users were logging in, you would search for "Logon" in the Title field.
  • If a screenshot is available for that activity, the screenshot icon will be to the left of the date and time. Clicking on this icon will take you directly to that screenshot.



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