Installing the ActivTrak Agent via Command Line

The ActivTrak agent downloads for Windows as a standard MSI file. As such, the command line and PowerShell commands that use MSIEXEC will work as normal. The command to utilize for a quiet deployment is detailed below. The use of these commands should be done with an Elevated Command-Prompt or PowerShell window.

NOTE: The x's in the code snippet indicate the unique account number, and the RandomSecurityToken alphanumeric characters are generated at install. These SHOULD NOT be renamed.


MSIEXEC /i ATACCTxxxxxx_{RandomSecurityToken}.MSI -Quiet 


Uninstall works the same way with the following command:


MSIEXEC /x ATACCTxxxxxx_{RandomSecurityToken}.MSI -Quiet 


If in the event an installation fails run the following installation command to enable install logs and create or update a support ticket with the log file attached for the team to review and respond. 


MSIEXEC /i ATACCTxxxxxx_{RandomSecurityToken}.MSI -Quiet /l*v %TEMP%\atinstall.log


  • These commands should be used when interacting with a remote machine and you would like to deploy the agent silently. These also work when using an RMM Tool that has Remote Command Line Access, or through the use of PSExec.
  • The command will run silently and you will not receive any additional message about it after the command is run. If you choose to use an RMM tool or other third-party tools, this may provide you with a success or fail message. 


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