User Merge

The User Merge action allows administrators of paid accounts to free up licenses by combining one or more inactive reporting users into a single active reporting user. Administrators will now be able to retain and transfer historical user activity data from one or more inactive source users to a single active destination user.

Use Case:

A common use case for a user merge is an employee name change. When the ActivTrak agent sees activity data for a new username on a workstation, a new reporting user record is created in the Dashboard. Administrators can use the user merge enhancement to merge a legacy recording user's activity data into the updated record.

Other common use cases for user merge include hardware upgrades or refreshes as well as consolidating one-off admin logins into machines into a single reporting user.

If active users are merged together new activity from active source users will lead to any activity to be logged as the destination user. To consolidate one or more active reporting users as a single user in reports admins can take advantage of user aliases. However, user aliasing will not free up licenses.

Merge Process:

When selecting users to merge together the "destination user" is the user that has the most recent activity log entry, the other selected user(s) are "source users".


When the merge processes the logon domain and username of source users are updated to match the destination users logon domain and username.  Source users are then purged from the reporting users list and their license(s) are freed up for reuse. Users included in a scheduled merge are put into a read-only state until the merge processes. 

NOTE: Activity Log records are still associated with the source computer from which the record originated after the merge processes.

Merges do not happen in real-time and begin processing overnight at 12:00 am central time. If necessary, scheduled user merges can be canceled prior to processing. 


To learn more about how to do a User Merge, check out this article: User Merge How to

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