How to Identify Active Agents Not Reporting Data

Admins need visibility into the activity status of all active Agents deployed in their ActivTrak account to facilitate efficient, reliable and up-to-date data reporting and management of licenses across users and devices. 

NOTE: Active Agents are defined as those that have logged activity within the last 30 days. Non-reporting active Agents are those that have stopped logging activity for a period of 7 days or more. Contact ActivTrak Support to modify and customize these default thresholds to your organization’s needs.

The first step is to identify all active Agents in the account to verify that they are deployed to the right users and devices, working correctly and reporting data as expected. The Security Audit Log report provides Admins with access to an automated audit log of all active but non-reporting Agents under the “ComputersNotReporting” event. 

Navigate to Settings > Security > Audit, logged as “ComputersNotReporting” Event 

The relevant data fields for the audit log entry appear as:


UTC time when the report was run

ActivTrak ID





“Active computers (logging last 30 days) not reporting in last 7 days”

Action Type


Action Data

Move the cursor to the eye icon to view action data and open a separate window with the list of identified Computer Agents


The audit performs weekly scans (on Sundays) for computers considered active (reporting recently) but not reporting for several days in a row (for example, more than a weekend or short PTO). This simplifies account administration, allowing Admins to quickly identify computer Agents that may need to be upgraded or restarted.

The weekly audit scan on Sundays produces a single audit log entry with all computers matching the criteria. If all Agents are reporting properly or do not meet the non-reporting criteria, no audit log entry will be added that week.

You can also create an alarm to be actively notified of these entries.

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