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ActivTrak provides comprehensive visibility into employees’ workdays by combining digital activity data with offline activity data from employees’ calendars. When employees aren’t online, the calendar serves as an additional data source, filling in the “blank spaces” in digital activity with time spent in Offline Meetings.

ActivTrak integrates with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar to pull Offline Meeting data into your ActivTrak account. Customers can enable the integration by following the Setup Guide instructions:

Offline Meetings is a feature available in select plans. If you are not on a plan with Offline Meetings and would like to learn more, request a demo here.

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What qualifies as an Offline Meeting

Offline Meetings help bridge the gaps in employees’ digital activity (when a user has no mouse or keyboard movement) to provide a more complete picture of the workday.

When a user is inactive on their computer, ActivTrak checks their calendar for an event that meets the following criteria:

  • Two or more participants have not declined the calendar invitation (i.e. at least two people have accepted, not responded, or responded Maybe/Tentative).
    • Note: The minimum number of participants can be adjusted through the Account Configuration page (Settings > Account Configuration > Offline Meeting Settings). Learn more here.
  • The user whose calendar data is being assessed has not declined or deleted the meeting.
  • The meeting is no longer than 8 hours. (This rule avoids skewing Offline Meeting data with all-day or multi-day calendar events, like PTO or sick leave).
    • Note: The maximum meeting duration can be customized through the Account Configuration page (Settings > Account Configuration > Offline Meeting Settings). Learn more here.

Digital activity always takes precedence over calendar data.

Let’s say User A, User B, User C and User D are invited to a meeting from 1:00-2:00 p.m.

  • User A has no digital activity during the time of the meeting
    • 1:00-2:00 p.m. = Offline Meeting Time
  • User B has no digital activity from 1:00-1:45 p.m. and then logs into their computer
    • 1:00-1:45 p.m. = Offline Meeting Time
    • 1:46-2:00 p.m. = Digital Activity (labeled according to activity classification)
  • User C has no digital activity from 1:00-2:15 p.m.
    • 1:00-2:00 p.m. = Offline Meeting Time
    • 2:01-2:15 p.m. = Break Time
  • User D joins the meeting from their computer but does not touch their mouse or keyboard for the duration of the meeting, making them inactive in ActivTrak
    • 1:00-1:04 p.m. = Digital Activity (based on default Passive Time settings)
    • 1:05-2:00 p.m. = Offline Meeting Time

Where to see Offline Meeting data in ActivTrak

Offline Meeting data is reflected in four Insights dashboards, one Live Report and in the Offline Meetings Log.

Note: If you haven’t connected your organization’s calendar to your ActivTrak account, the “Offline Meetings” category will be displayed in chart legends and tables, but you will see null values for Offline Meetings data.

1) Activity Breakdown - Team

Activity Breakdown - Team (1).png

Offline Meeting time is displayed in:

  • Activity Type vs. Goal (Hrs/Day)
  • Activity Type Trend (Hrs/Day)

2) Activity Breakdown - Users

Activity Breakdown - Users.png

Offline Meeting time is displayed in:

  • Activity Type vs. Goal (Hrs/Day)

3) Location Insights - Team

Location Insights - Team - Offline Meetings Highlight.png

Offline Meeting Time is displayed in:

  • Productivity by Location

4) Location Insights - Users

Location Insights - Users - Offline Meetings Highlight.png

Offline Meeting Time is displayed in:

  • User Details
  • User Stats

5) The Working Hours Report

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 3.17.22 PM (1).png

Offline Meeting Time is displayed in:

  • Offline Meetings column (Note: Ensure 'Offline Meetings' is selected as a viewable column option. Learn more here).

6) The Top Users & Groups Report

Offline Meeting Time is displayed in:

  • Offline Meetings column
  • Location is also displayed in the date column

7) The Productivity Report

Offline Meeting Time is displayed in:

  • Bar chart view 
  • Single day report

9) The Offline Meetings Log

Navigate to Activity Breakdown > Offline Meetings tab.

Note: This tab will only appear if a calendar integration is enabled for your account.

Offline Meetings Log (1).png

View detailed information about the calendar events that have been categorized as Offline Meetings. Select a User and Activity Date from the filters at the top of the dashboard to adjust the data shown in the log.

  • Note: Users who have never recorded any offline meeting activity are not included in the 'User' drop-down. The 'User' drop-down only displays users who have recorded offline meeting activity at some point in the past. 

Offline Meeting Breakdown (by Day and Start Time):

  • Each cell displays the number of minutes spent in Offline Meetings during that hour and is color-coded according to meeting duration (the darker the color, the greater the time).
  • Note: Any hour blocks with < 30 seconds of Offline Meeting time will not be displayed in the table.
  • To view information on the meeting(s) that took place during a specific time, click one or more cells to filter the Offline Meeting Logs table to the right.

Offline Meeting Logs:

  • Displays information for each meeting that took place during the selected time period in chronological order.
  • To zero in on a specific day and time, click one or more cells in the Offline Meeting Breakdown table to the left.

Note: To avoid revealing sensitive information, the titles of private calendar events are shown as “Private Meeting” in the Offline Meetings Log. An event’s privacy setting is determined by the meeting host, according to the following logic:

  • Outlook Calendar: If the event is private on the host’s calendar, the meeting title will be obscured in the Offline Meetings Log.
  • Google Calendar: Meeting titles will only be displayed if the host explicitly sets the meeting visibility to Public. If the host creates the meeting with Default Visibility or sets the meeting to Private, the meeting title will not be displayed in the Offline Meetings Log.

Offline Meetings FAQ

Is Offline Meeting time included in Productive Time?

Offline Meeting time is not included in Productive Time (e.g. 5 hours of Productive Time + 2 hours of Offline Meeting Time = 7 hours of Total Time). As a result, it does not count toward Productive Time Goals and does not affect utilization metrics (which are based on Productive Time).

How are Offline Meeting Hrs/Day calculated?

To calculate Offline Meeting Hrs/Day, the number of hours spent in Offline Meetings during a given time period is divided by the number of days in that time period (ex. 6 hours of Offline Meetings in a 3-day time period equals 2 Offline Meeting Hrs/Day).

Offline Meetings are not subject to the Active Day Threshold used to calculate other averages in Insights (ex. Productive Hrs/Day). This means that any amount of Offline Meeting time in a given day is counted toward the average, regardless of whether a user meets the Active Day Threshold.

Example: A user attends an all-day offsite meeting, spending 6 hours in an Offline Meeting and only 1 hour of Productive Time on their computer. If the account’s Active Day Threshold is set to the default of 2 hours, the user’s averages for the day will be as follows:

  • Productive Hrs/Day: 0 (because user did not meet Active Day Threshold)
  • Offline Meeting Hrs/Day: 6

How often is calendar data synced to ActivTrak?

Calendar data is synced every 24 hours. At each refresh, we pull in data for the prior 7 days, so Offline Meetings data may change retroactively if an event that took place in the previous week was modified (deleted, created, participants added/removed, etc.). On the initial data pull, ActivTrak retrieves data for the past 6 months.

What happens if a user has concurrent or overlapping meetings on their calendar?

If a user has two or more meetings on their calendar at the same time, and at least one of them meets the criteria for an Offline Meeting, ONE of the meetings will be included in the user’s Offline Meeting time calculation (e.g. two one-hour meetings scheduled during the same time would only be counted as one hour of Offline Meeting time). The duration of concurrent meetings is not added together because it is not possible for the user to attend more than one meeting at a time. The Offline Meetings log will display the names of both meetings, separated by a comma.

If the details of a calendar event are private, can ActivTrak determine whether it qualifies as an Offline Meeting?

Yes, ActivTrak can read the details of private events, so they will still be included in Offline Meeting time if they meet the criteria. To avoid revealing sensitive information, the titles of private calendar events are shown as “Private Meeting” in the Offline Meetings Log.

Is Offline Meeting time available with ActivConnect API?

Yes, Offline Meetings are available with ActivConnect API. To learn more about ActivConnect API, click here.

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