Release Notes: New Utilization Level Threshold Setting in Insights

Admins and Configurators on Professional or Premium plans can now customize the threshold for a user to be considered overutilized or underutilized (x% over or under their Productive Hrs/Day Goal).

This ensures that managers and leaders can accurately assess which employees are overworked or disengaged according to the organization’s expectations, rather than relying on the default threshold.

Utilization levels are displayed in the Organization Overview (currently in Early Access),  Executive Summary, Workload Balance Dashboard, Team Comparison Dashboard, Personal Insights, Coach, and Impact Analysis. 


The New Utilization Level Threshold Setting

The Utilization Level Threshold Setting defaults to 30% but can be configured to any value between 10% and 80%. To adjust your account’s Utilization Level Threshold, visit the Insights Configuration page (Insights > Configuration > Metrics), update the Threshold vs Productive Hrs/Day Goal (+/-), and click “Save” to apply changes.

Changes to the Utilization Level Threshold setting are reflected in Insights dashboards with the next data refresh (every 24 hours) and are applied retroactively.

Learn more here or contact Support for assistance.


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