Uninstall the Agent

There are two ways to uninstall the agent both of which will require access to the ActivTrak account:

1. Download the installer from your Dashboard. 

Once you have the installer, run it on the computer you wish to remove the agent from and choose 'Remove'. If you are running an outdated version of ActivTrak, it will first upgrade to the most recent version. The installer can then be run once more in order to display the 'Uninstall' option. 

2. Use the remote uninstaller.

This method will also delete all data associated with the computer(s) selected, so please be sure to export any information you wish to keep first.

Navigate to Settings> Users & Groups > User Agents and select the 'COMPUTERS' tab from the top-right corner of the page:


Then, choose the remove icon next to the computer(s) you want to uninstall the agent from (you will not see this if you are accidentally clicked on USERS instead of COMPUTERS):




Running the installer:

Running the remote uninstaller:


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