What Data Does ActivTrak Collect?

Curious about what data the ActivTrak Agent collects? The tables below provide information on every piece of data retrieved by an installed Windows and macOS Agent. (Note: To see specific details for our ChromeOS Agent, please click here.)

ActivTrak is a privacy-first analytics platform and is committed to safeguarding your data privacy and security. 

Data collected by ActivTrak is encrypted in transit and at rest. All account information is encrypted during transit and while stored in a secure data center hosted by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). To learn more about our data privacy and security policies, click here. To get details about the data privacy controls within the ActivTrak app, click here

Computer/User Information

Information collected by the ActivTrak Agent that is not tied to individual user activities.

Computer Name

The name of the computer directly from the machine itself.

Computer Timezone

The timezone setting of the local computer.

Logon Domain

If the user is Active Directory domain attached, the domain name. If the user is not attached to a domain, the computer name will be shown. Blank for Chrome Agents.

Network ID

Hashed representation of network ID for uniqueness.

Primary Domain

The main AD domain name of the machine. Part of the unique computer name. Blank for MacOS Agents and ‘Google’ for Chrome Agents.

Private IP

The internet protocol address within the local network.

Public IP

The internet protocol address used to access the internet.


The session ID is used by Windows to tell the difference between user sessions. You mainly only see it on Terminal Servers where there are multiple users on one computer, and Session ID 0 is almost always reserved for the System. 0 for Chrome Agents.


Friendly user name; typically First and Last. Pulled from the operating system.

User (raw)

Simple login name; often first initial, last name. From the operating system. Appears as ‘User’ in ActivTrak.


User Activity Information

ActivTrak user activity is defined as the currently active window for mouse movement, mouse clicks and keyboard presses.

Date and Time

The exact date and time the user first accessed a specific activity. 


A short description of each user activity.


The amount of time a user spent in an activity.


The executable of each user activity.


All screenshots are taken for activities when triggered by an alarm. 

Please Note: Screenshots are only available with the purchase of the Screen Details Add-on.


Content of the title bar of the window containing each user activity.

Only available with the purchase of the Screen Details Add-on.


The full URL the user accessed for an activity in a browser. 

Only available with the purchase of the Screen Details Add-on.


NOTE: For more data configuration and export options, check out our ActivConnect add-on, a set of API connectors and tools that enable access to your ActivTrak data in hundreds of external applications.

Data Never Collected by ActivTrak

Because we respect data privacy and our focus is on helping organizations improve workforce productivity and efficiency, we oppose and do not collect the following intrusive monitoring data points:

  • Keystroke logging
  • Video camera monitoring

In keeping with our commitment to safeguard data privacy, the core ActivTrak platform includes default controls to minimize exposing any sensitive data in ActivTrak reports, ensuring seamless sharing of ActivTrak reports across your organization.

      • Exclude title bars and URL subpages by default
      • Disable screenshots and screen views by default
      • Data history limits by default
      • Optional data hashing
      • Exclude non-business activity details from dashboards
      • Anonymized and aggregated data options
    • Configure access permissions based on user role and need
    • Create custom groups or tailor access permissions
    • Access to the Personal Insights Dashboard in-app and via email subscription

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