Weekly Digest

Each Monday morning, ActivTrak will send out a weekly email showing how your team performed the previous week.

NOTE: The date and time of the report being sent out cannot be changed but you can choose to opt-in or out of receiving it entirely.

This digest can be enabled under Settings > Access > ActivTrak Profile. or Settings > Access > Weekly Digest This must be done on a per-user basis. Here, users can customize if they wish to receive the email each week. 


Weekly Digest Breakdown:

The digest provides information very similar to the Dashboard and is helpful with getting a quick view of how your week went without having to log in and go through all the various reports. 

Quick Stats Will display the amount of time spent on productive, unproductive, and undefined activities. It is broken down into Websites and Applications.
 Top Sites Shows the top websites and how much time was spent on them (productive and unproductive), as well as what percentage of your team's total time was spent on those sites.
Things You Should Know Will include other things you might find valuable including the latest features added, new resources, and blog posts all in one location.
Top Applications Shows which apps are being used the most by your team and how much time was spent on them.
Pending Categorization Provides a list of any new or existing websites and applications that need to be categorized. As a reminder, any changes to categorization or productivity will be retroactive and apply to any already generated reports.
Top Users Lists the people who were active the most (Passive time is not counted), and whether that time was spent Productive, Unproductive, or in activities that have not yet been defined.
 Reporting Agents This is a breakdown of your reporting agents. It will provide the number of total reporting agents, how many reported last week, the week before that, and the number of new agents reporting this week as well as the number that have stopped reporting.
 Top Alarm Risk Scores Will give an overview of the alarms and their risk points, as well as users with their risk points and associated risk score for the past week.


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