Setting up Accounts as a Managed Service Provider (MSP)


It’s important that our MSP/MSSP partners set up their end-user customers correctly to ensure that you can scale your ActivTrak business while also securing your business and your end-users’ data.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how to set up your customer cloud accounts as an MSP/MSSP.

NOTE: You should never have multiple customers sharing the same cloud account.  Every customer you have under management should have their own unique cloud account i.e. ActivTrak account number.

A “multi-tenant cloud” is where all customers share the same cloud platform and infrastructure and their data is commingled. This commingling raises security and privacy concerns for many organizations, especially those in regulated markets hence why ActivTrak has designed its environment to optimize for all parties.  ActivTrak achieved this by designing a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure while maintaining isolation of both the application state and data model for each customer – thus resulting in efficient and scalable use of the infrastructure and a logical separation model for each customer. Setting up your customer’s environment is critical to maintaining this security/data privacy model.

 Step 1:  Setting Up Account

When setting up an account for one of your Customers for the first time, you’ll want to make sure that you always use a unique email address.  You cannot use the same email address to log into multiple accounts. Let’s use the following example to show you how MSP/MSSPs should be setting up accounts.  


Let’s assume your company (MSP Partner) name is:  AcmeMSP and your domain is 

You have three (3) customers that you are onboarding with ActivTrak.  

  1. Customer 1 is:  Company ABC
  2. Customer 2 is:  Company 123
  3. Customer 3 is:  Company XYZ

In this case, you would want to register them inside Command Center using the “Add Customer” button on the left menu. In each scenario, you will want to create an email address that is maintained by you. Example:   That will ensure that you have Admin rights/Access to the account while still being able to provide your customers with access to see their data.


Once you click on “Add Customer” you will be prompted to enter their information. It is important to enter the correct organization name as this is what will be reflected inside Command Center.

You will also want to enter the email you created for your user as this will tie their instance back to yours. Using the example above, we would want to enter

Note:  Please use your own nomenclature to ensure security.  This is simply an example.

If you want to have more than one (1) user from your organization (MSP) who can have access to this account, you’ll want to think about the nomenclature further as to scale across these environments.  

Step 2:  Granting Access to the End-User

To do this, go to Account > Access.

Here, click on "New ActivTrak ID" at the top of the screen and enter the email they will use to log in to


Make sure the "make admin" box is not checked, or else they will have full access to the account, including the ability to make changes to things like alarms.

Once you click ok, you will be prompted to select which groups this user can access. Check the box next to the group we created in the first step and then click "Save".

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