The Technology Usage Dashboard

The Technology Usage Dashboard, an Insights feature available in select plans, allows leaders to understand how technology is helping or blocking productivity across teams and individuals. 

To access the Technology Usage Dashboard, navigate to Insights > Technology Usage. Watch the video below for a quick tour of the Technology Usage Dashboard and read this article for additional details.

A video overview of the Technology Usage Overview


Underneath the dashboard title at the top, you will see three tabs (views):


Technology Usage - Overview Tab

Use the Overview Tab to see which applications and websites are used most throughout your organization or within a specific team. This is helpful in assessing adoption of a technology and evaluating return on investment. Underutilization may indicate the need for additional training, or could be a sign that the tool isn't delivering the expected value.



Usage by Category and Top Applications/Sites

  • Top 10 Categories by Allocation %: View the top 10 categories in which employees are spending their time. Based on a team’s function and daily responsibilities, category allocation will vary. Managers are able to identify deviations from the norm given their understanding of team roles and the tools critical associated for fulfilling them.
  • Top Applications/Sites by Allocation %: View the top applications and websites in use across your team or organization, along with the number of employees who have used each one during the selected time period. To see the top applications and sites in a particular category, use the Category filter at the top of the dashboard.

Technology Usage - Top Changes Tab

Use the Top Changes Tab to understand shifts in technology usage over time. Set the comparison timeframe using the 'Activity Date' and 'Date Comparison' filters at the top of the dashboard (ex. compare this month to last month).


Changes in Category Allocation

Despite knowing the roles within a team and the tools they are likely to require, understanding deviations from the norm provides additional insight into when team members could be struggling with the process, tool adoption, or role alignment.


Changes in Application and Site Usage

Dig deeper to understand which specific applications and sites are trending up and down. Drastic upticks in site or application usage may reflect focus on a particular project or, conversely, increased distractions or disengagement.

Technology Usage - Adoption Tab

Reference the Adoption Tab for closer analysis of specific categories and tools. Identify underutilized licenses to right-size tech investments and gather data to inform decisions about subscription renewals.

Use the filters at the top of the dashboard to select the category and application or site you want to analyze.

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 12.03.48 PM.png

Technology Adoption

  • Users with Activity During Time Range: See which employees have used a specific app/website or tools within a specific category during a given timeframe. Identify the "power users" and those with lower adoption based on frequency and duration of usage. Compare individuals' metrics to the average for the team or organization (see Avg. Active Mins/Day to the top right of the 'Users with Activity' table).
  • Inactive Users During Time Range: Identify un-utilized licenses that can be re-allocated or cancelled to recoup costs. Alternatively, pinpoint where training may be needed to drive adoption of an essential technology.

Screen Shot 2023-12-06 at 12.36.46 PM.png

Usage Trend

  • Technology Usage Daily Trend: See the number of active users relative to total hours of usage per day for the selected category or application/site. This is helpful for deciphering peaks and valleys that may skew the averages in the Technology Adoption section above.

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