Assign Child Accounts per User with 'Viewable Accounts'

What is it?

Previously all Command Center users could view all customer accounts ("child accounts").

With Viewable Accounts, Admins can now control which users can view and manage which child accounts.

  • Admins can always view all child accounts
  • Non-Admins can be assigned some, all, or no child accounts


What do users see by default?

Non-Admins do not see new accounts until they are assigned them.

The exception is during the initial release of this feature. Non-Admins will automatically be assigned all child accounts except for the new internal (or "NFR") child account.

This provides all users the same account visibility they had prior to the NFR migration and Viewable Accounts feature.

How do I add and assign Viewable Accounts?

Viewable Accounts follow a similar workflow to Viewable Groups:

1. First you create the Account

  • Click 'Add Customers'
  • Create the new account


2. Then you assign it

  • Click 'Account Users'
  • Under the 'Viewable Accounts' column, click the value for that user
  • In the pop-up window, select the desired accounts and hit 'Save'


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