User Access Roles Inside Command Center

Command Center is a tool for our MSP partners to better manage their customer's ActivTrak instances.


There are a few things that are different between the roles found inside Command Center and what is found inside a live ActivTrak instance.

We recently released an update for Command Center which allows our MSP partners to select which of their customer's instances the MSP's employees can view and manage.


Our intention was to have two roles,  Admin and Non-Admin. 


Admin level users inside Command Center can see all child accounts and invite other MSP employees into the Command Center, as well as define which customer accounts those new employees can see and manage.


Currently, there are actually four roles, mimicking our live ActivTrak account permissions.




We are working to update this for our MSP partners, but for now the following applies:


  • Admin users are full admins and have complete control over Command Center and assigning permissions//adding new users to the Command Center
  • Configurator, Power User, Viewer users are all the same. There are no distinctions between these three roles. They can only see what an Admin assigns them. 

We will be updating these roles soon inside the Command Center. Please direct any questions to


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