Release Notes: Simplified Insights Dashboards (GA) & Offline Meetings (EA)

Simplified Insights Dashboards (GA)

Workforce analytics are more actionable in three newly designed Insights dashboards, now generally available to customers on a Professional or Premium plan! 

New Team and Users tabs enable a more intuitive workflow — start with the Team tab for a high-level view of team performance, then drill down to the Users tab to identify underlying issues and see where action is needed.


New Workload Balance Dashboard

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Workload Balance - Team.png

New Workload Balance Dashboard (Team Tab)


New Work Efficiency Dashboard

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Work Efficiency - Team.png

New Work Efficiency Dashboard (Team Tab)


New Activity Breakdown Dashboard

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Activity Breakdown - Team.png

New Activity Breakdown Dashboard (Team Tab)


Important Note: From August 30, 2023, until October 31, 2023, customers will have access to the new tabs as well as the existing tabs within the dashboards listed above. 

Read details about the Insights Dashboard changes

Offline Meetings (EA)

Digital activity data reveals a lot about how employees spend their time, but it doesn’t always provide a complete picture of the workday. As employees return to the office, they spend more time meeting in person, leaving gaps in workforce analytics data.

Now, ActivTrak can fill in these gaps with Offline Meetings, a new capability now available in early access to customers on a Professional or Premium plan. ActivTrak integrates with Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar to pull meeting data from employees’ calendars, giving managers comprehensive visibility so they can more effectively manage hybrid teams.

Offline Meetings Screenshot - Designed.png

  • View a complete picture of employees’ workdays — not just time spent on the computer
  • Determine whether the office leads to more collaboration
  • Validate self-reported working hours against employees’ actual work time
  • Differentiate between break time and offline meetings

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