Release Notes: Live Data API (GA), Windows Agent 8.3.2 & Custom Role-based Access for Alarms

Unlock timely workforce insights, enhanced account administration, and additional access controls with our newly released capabilities: 

Live Data API 

The Live Data API, now generally available to customers with the ActivConnect add-on, helps leaders retrieve up-to-the-minute ActivTrak data in order to take immediate action on timely productivity, attendance, and engagement insights. 

Learn more and get started here.

Windows Agent 8.3.2 

ActivTrak’s latest Windows Agent, version 8.3.2, brings several security enhancements. For customers who use Citrix, the accuracy of Location Insights in a virtual environment is also improved. To see details on all updates with this release, side-by-side with previous versions, please click here.

Customers with Windows Agents are encouraged to update to version 8.3.2 to ensure an optimal experience with ActivTrak. 

To check which Agent version is installed on devices, navigate to Settings > Users and Groups > Computer Agents.

For a complete list of Agent upgrade options, please read the ActivTrak Agent Deployment Guide.

Custom Role-based Access for Alarms 

Admins can now customize permissions for user access to Alarm sub-navigation pages such as Alarm Configuration, the Alarm Log, Notifications, and Screenshots (if enabled as part of the Screen Details Add-on).

For example, an Admin can provide a manager with read-only access to the Alarm Log but block the manager from accessing the Alarm Configuration page. 

Note: No previously set account user roles or permissions were changed as part of this enhancement. If a Configurator or Power User previously had access to Alarms, they will continue to have access. Viewers remain unable to access any Alarm pages. 

Learn more here.

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