Release Notes: Location Insights Enhancements

The Location Insights Dashboard is now more intuitive and more actionable, making it easier to assess compliance with workplace policy at the team and user level.

The dashboard is now divided into two tabs:

Team Tab

See how teams divide their time between the office, remote, and hybrid work, and compare productivity and working hours by location.

  • More intuitive location designations — Remote Only, Office Only and Hybrid — make it easier to assess compliance with workplace policy, reflecting the percentage of a team that worked from each location over a given time period.
  • Managers can view a team-level summary in the Location Breakdown and Location Breakdown by Week charts, then drill down to Team Member Overview to see where each employee worked over the selected time period.

Users Tab

In the Users tab, managers can see all team members’ location data side by side, then drill into an employee for more granular details, including a daily location breakdown and a comparison of productivity by location.

  • The new Location & Productive Hrs/Day chart enables managers to assess compliance with day-specific in-office requirements (e.g. employees must be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, not just on two days of their choice).

To access the Location Insights Dashboard, navigate to Insights > Location Insights


  • Location Insights is exclusively available in Professional and Premium plans. Learn more about Location Insights in this Help Center article.
  • Users with a subscription to the Location Insights Dashboard will be automatically subscribed to the new Team Tab. Learn how to subscribe to the Users tab or make changes to Insights email subscriptions in this Help Center article.

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