Release Notes: Essentials and Advanced Plan Changes

ActivTrak is updating its Essentials and Legacy Advanced subscription plans to better serve customers and help ensure their teams are working as expected. Effective today, Essentials and Legacy Advanced plans include the following additional features:

  • The Organization Overview Homepage
  • Offline Meeting Data in Live Reports (via Calendar Integration)
  • NEW Out-of-the-box Alarms

The Organization Overview Homepage


The ActivTrak Organization Overview Homepage acts as a central hub for executives, offering a quick snapshot of current activity levels, workload trends, and goal attainment across an entire organization. Learn more about the Organization Overview Homepage here.

Offline Meeting Data in Live Reports (via Calendar Integration)


ActivTrak’s Offline Meetings uses calendar data to account for in-person meetings, giving a more complete picture of a user's workday, even when they're not actively using their computer. Learn more about Offline Meetings here.

NEW Out-of-the-box Alarms


New preconfigured alarms detect and alert an organization about suspicious behavior, risks and potential reporting issues:

  • Potential Mouse-jiggler or False Activity
  • Adult Content Accessed
  • AI Usage
  • PII Accessed
  • Potential Job Search
  • File Sharing
  • Entertainment Break
  • Computer Not Reporting

Learn more about ActivTrak’s out-of-the-box alarms here.

For detailed information about ActivTrak’s subscription plan differences, click here.

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