Productivity Report

The Productivity Report gives insight into how productive your monitored users are being. First, navigate to Live Reports > Productivity Report on the sidebar menu. Once there, two types of reports will be displayed; a bar chart and a single day report.

Productivity Bar Chart:

  • Light green, light purple, and light grey represent Passive time. The color is based on how the user's last activity is classified.
  • Grey (undefined) represents activities that have not been categorized yet 
  • Purple represents Unproductive activities
  • Green represents Productive activities.

NOTE: Productive, Unproductive, and Uncategorized activities can all be changed by going to Settings > Productivity.  Read about how to categorize websites and applications here. Any changes to these classifications will be applied retroactively as well.

  • Mousing over any of the blocks will provide the exact amount of time spent on that category.
  • Filter the report by date, user, computer, or group using the filters are the top of the screen.
  • There are two viewing options; a bar chart and an area chart. In order to use the Area chart, choose a date range to view as opposed to a single day. 
  • Click the legend to isolate the block categories.


Single Day Report:

This report displays an aggregate of the activities for that day, displayed in 5-minute blocks by default, and up to 2-hour blocks if so desired. The time period the report displays can also be customized by changing the start and end times.

NOTE: This report will assign each block a productivity category based on the activity the user spent the most time in within the time interval. For example, the user may have spent 3 minutes inside Slack (Productive) and 2 minutes on Youtube (Unproductive) but since most of the 5 minute interval period was in a productive activity the block will appear as productive.

It is possible to enable "Strict Mode" as well, which will make any five-minute block in which an Unproductive activity occurred to be marked as Unproductive. 


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