The Productivity Report

Navigate to Live Reports > Productivity Report from the left nav in-app to access the Productivity Report.



The Productivity Report gives insight into your users' productivity. There are two visual charts in the Productivity Report, the Productivity Bar Chart and the Single-Day Report. Learn about each in the sections below.

Productivity Bar Chart

The Productivity Bar Chart displays the overall productivity of users, computers, or groups during a specific timeline. You can adjust each of these by using the filters at the top of the report.



  • Green represents Productive activities.
  • Purple represents Unproductive activities.
  • Grey (undefined) represents activities that have not been categorized yet.
  • Light green, light purple, and light grey represent Passive Time. The color is based on how the user's most recent activity is classified.

NOTE: Productive, Unproductive, and Uncategorized activities can all be changed by visiting Settings > Classification. You can also learn more about how to categorize websites and applications here. Any changes to your classifications will be applied retroactively as well.

Hovering over any of the blocks will provide the exact amount of time spent on that category. You can also click on the legend to isolate the block categories.

Single-Day Report

This report displays an aggregate of each user's activities for that day, displayed in 5-minute blocks by default, and up to 2-hour blocks if desired. The time period the report displays can also be customized by changing the start and end times.

NOTE: This report will assign each block a productivity category based on the activity the user spent the most time in within the time interval. For example, the user may have spent 3 minutes inside Slack (Productive) and 2 minutes on Youtube (Unproductive). However, since most of the 5-minute interval period was spent in a productive activity, the block will appear as productive.

With Strict Mode enabled, any time interval that includes unproductive activity will be marked as purple, regardless of the amount of time spent in that unproductive activity. Similarly, any time interval that includes Passive Time will be marked as the lighter variation of its corresponding color. To enable Strict Mode, select the checkbox above the Single-Day Report.


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