Integrating with Citrix Environments and Other Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

ActivTrak is designed to work with Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in mind. Install the ActivTrak Agent on the server you wish to track and the Agent will track and assign a license to each active user. If users appear that don’t need to be tracked, they can be added to the Do Not Track list in order to free up licenses.

Some users will use one machine to remotely access another and work between the two throughout the day. When this occurs, if an ActivTrak Agent is installed on both machines, the active time displayed in reports and dashboards can become exaggerated. To avoid this and to ensure the data inside your reports and dashboards is accurate, we recommend adding applications such as mstsc.exe to the Ignore Category.

When using terminal server environments for a large number of users or if users are accessing remote desktop environments as secondary workstations, you can contact ActivTrak’s Support team to assist in implementing settings designed to optimize reporting.

Note: The level of detail for recorded activity depends on the type of Citrix environment. If users are logging into a virtual desktop (VDI) within Citrix, the Agent records detailed activity within the VDI as if it were a physical computer. If users are launching apps within a Citrix workspace, the Agent will only record from the system that is accessing the Citrix workspace (activity would be shown as active within 'Citrix', but the Agent would not have insight into what they are doing within the workspace).

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