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Working Hours Report

The Working Hours Report is meant to quickly show a user's first and last activity for each day and give a quick view on how long they were active while also showing a breakdown of their Productive, Unproductive, Undefined, and Idle time.




Just like with other reports, the Working Hours Report can be filtered by user, group, and time period using the drop-down menus in the top left. 




The Working Hours Report also has pre-set columns:

  • Date: This shows the date for the collected data in order to separate the data for a user on a specific day. 
  • Group: Any groups this user is assigned to will be displayed here.
  • Computer:  The name(s) of the computer(s) used by the monitored user.
  • User:  The user name of the person being reported on.
  • First Activity: Displays the timestamp for the first activity for that user.
  • Last Activity: Displays the timestamp for the last activity for that user.
  • Last Activity Log:  Displays the timestamp for the last entry in the Activity Log. For example, their last activity may be "Outlook", but the last entry in the Activity Log may be "Sleep" if they left their computer on and just went home without logging out.
  • Active Time:  How long the user was on their computer during the day.
  • Productive: Time spent doing activities classified as Productive in Settings > Productivity.
  • Unproductive: Time spent doing activities classified as Unproductive in Settings > Productivity. 
  • Undefined: Time spent doing activities that have not yet been classified.
  • Idle Time: Time spent Idle. Idle time is defined as any time over 2 minutes with no keyboard or mouse activity. 

This report is still in beta, so we welcome any feedback! You can submit feedback to

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Tony Wurst