ActivTrak for Google Data Studio: Setup Guide v1.0

ActivConnect Overview: 

ActivConnect is a powerful set of API connectors and SQL-based tools  that provides customers direct access to their ActivTrak user behavioral activity data for querying and connecting with other business tools. Embed ActivTrak workforce productivity data via pre-built starter templates within Microsoft Teams chat or team channels. Create personalized reports with business intelligence data visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio, etc.). Perform any query needed — all from the simple query interface of Google’s BigQuery.

ActivConnect is available to customers as an add-on to customers on a paid plan (contact Sales for more details) and ships with a whole host of pre-built starter dashboards and reporting templates for Microsoft Power BI, Tableau &/or Google Data Studio or you can create your own. Quickly generate detailed reports for your platform of choice in the areas of activity, application usage, productivity, collaboration trends, employee burnout risk and much more.

Learn more about ActivConnect here.


Users must have an ActivTrak paid plan license and the ActivTrak ActivConnect Add-on

Initial Setup

Prerequisite: You will need the Google Cloud account provided by ActivTrak Support to access your ActivConnect instance.

Follow the steps below to configure ActivTrak’s GDS Template.

Connect to Google BigQuery: 

Required for new customers and to validate access to ActivConnect.

  1. Go to the URL provided by the ActivConnect set up team
  2. Enter your [accountnumber] email address
  3. Enter your temporary password (you will be prompted to change it)


 Importing your data in Google Data Studio: 

  • Copy the report to enable configuration and enter Edit mode


  • Click Add Data


  •  Select BigQuery from the list of data sources


Professional/Premium License:  

  • Select your Project>>Dataset ID>>daily_user_summary from the table list and click Add
  • Select your Project>>Dataset ID>>daily_application_summary from the table list and click Add

Essentials/Advanced License 

  • Select your Project>>Dataset ID>>events from the table list and click Add

Close the window when done.

  • From the main menu navigate to File>>Report Settings

    • Select daily_user_summary (events for Essentials/Advanced Licenses) as the data source

    • Add local_date to the Date range dimension


  • The report setting should look like the image below.


Additional steps for Professional/Premium License Only.

Essentials/Advanced License skip to step 8.

  • For the page: - Personal Insights:

         Under Technology Usage visual, select the data source as daily_application_summary. 

         The configuration for the visual should look like the image below:


  • For the pages:
    • Technology Usage-Overview
    • Technology Usage-Adoption
    • Technology Top Charts

Change the current page setting by navigating to Page>>Current page settings   


  • The page setting should look like the image below.


  • Enter the View mode to start using your report.

    You also have multiple options to start sharing the content across your organization.


Note: You can visit for additional information.


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