How to Set Goals in Insights

With Insights, managers can set goals for their teams to create alignment, encourage a healthy work-life balance, and set clear expectations. Progress toward goals is reflected in several Insights dashboards, so it's important to customize them to the needs of each team.

Who Can Set Goals?

By default, Admins and Configurators have the ability to set goals for their Viewable Groups. This setting can be enabled for Power Users and Viewers at the individual user level.

To enable this permission, navigate to Settings > Access > App Access, locate the user whose permissions you want to change, and click the value in the 'Viewable Groups' column. From the 'Viewable Groups' dialog box, check or uncheck the 'Set Goals' box next to the group(s) for which the user can set goals.

How to Set Goals

  • Navigate to Benchmarks & Goals in the Insights section of the left app navigation.
  • Use the Metric filter to select the type of goal you want to set: Productive Hrs / Day, Focused Hrs / Day, or Collaboration Hrs / Day.
  • Use the Team filter to select the team you want to set a goal for.
  • Enter the goal (in hours) in the Goal field. Goals can be set in half-hour increments, and must be a minimum of 0.5 hours.
    • Tip: Click the External Benchmarks button to view aggregate data for ActivTrak's customer base in our Benchmarks Guide. This can be a helpful reference when determining appropriate goals for your team.
  • Hit the return key or click anywhere outside of the Goal field. A banner will appear at the top of the screen with a message that confirms the goal has been set.
  • To set goals for other metrics and/or teams, follow the steps above.

Progress against goals is reflected in the following dashboards:

Note: Changes to goals will not be reflected until the next data load (data updates once per day).


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