How to Set Goals in Insights

To create alignment, encourage a healthy work-life balance, and set clear expectations, goals can be set at the account level as well as for specific teams within Insights. 

Progress toward goals is reflected in several Insights dashboards, so it's important to customize goals for the needs of the organization and each team. Watch our training below and read this article for additional details.


Who can set goals?

By default, Admins and Configurators have the ability to set goals for their Viewable Groups. This setting can be enabled for Power Users and Viewers at the individual user level.

To enable this permission, navigate to Settings > Access > App Access, locate the user whose permissions you want to change, and click the value in the 'Viewable Groups' column. From the 'Viewable Groups' dialog box, check or uncheck the 'Set Goals' box next to the group(s) for which the user can set goals.

How to set goals for teams

1) Navigate to Insights > Benchmarks & Goals 

2) Use the Metric filter to select the type of goal you want to set:

Productive Hrs / Day, Focused Hrs / Day, or Collaboration Hrs / Day

3) Use the Team filter to select the team you want to set a goal for

4) Enter the goal (in hours) in the Goal field.

Note: Goals can be set in half-hour increments and must be a minimum of 0.5 hours.

Tip: Need help determining appropriate goals for your teams? View aggregate data for ActivTrak's customer base in our Benchmarks Guide. This can also be found by clicking the 'External Benchmarks' button in the top right corner of the Benchmarks & Goals dashboard.

5) Set the goal by hitting the return key or clicking anywhere outside of the Goal field. A banner will appear at the top of the screen with a message that confirms the goal has been set. To set goals for other metrics and/or teams, repeat the steps above.

NOTE: If a user belongs to more than one team, the user will be assigned the goal of the team with the highest value for Productive Hrs/Day. If the goal value happens to be the same, then the highest value for Focused Hrs/Day is used for tie-breaking purposes.

How to set goals for the account

Productivity metric goals (Productive, Collaboration, and Focus time) can be set for all teams in your ActivTrak account (including existing and future teams) via one easy setting. 

To access this setting, navigate to Insights > Configuration >  Metrics as shown in the image below.


NOTE: Changes to goals (both at the team and account level) will not be reflected until the next data load (data updates once per day).

Progress against goals is reflected in the following dashboards:

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