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Managing team performance is simplified with the Team Management homepage, accessible to all user roles in select plans by navigating to Home > Team Management. Don’t have access? Upgrade your plan.

The Team Management homepage serves as a daily “one-stop shop” for managers to assess KPIs for their team, including real-time and same-day activity plus 30-day summaries to gauge how productivity and workload are trending.

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The Team Management homepage

Combining today’s data from Live Reports with historical goal and workload data from Insights, managers can find quick answers to common questions like:

  • How many team members are working today? How many are currently online?
  • Are employees on pace to hit their productivity goals for the day?
  • How have team members spent the majority of their time today?
  • Is team workload and goal attainment improving or declining?

Learn more about how to use the Team Management homepage in the following sections.

Virtual Team Visibility (TODAY)

Get a snapshot of your team’s activity throughout the day, including real-time availability and progress toward productivity goals.

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The Virtual Team Visibility section

To get started, use the drop-down to select a team from your Viewable Groups.

Note: Only one team can be selected at a time.

View the team’s average productive hours so far for the current day, then explore the modules below.


See what percentage of the team is online at any given time throughout the day. Active users today includes users who have had more than one minute of activity during the current day compared to the total number of team members who have been active in the last 30 days. 

Below "Active users today" is a count of users who are currently active, passive or inactive. It includes all users who have been active in the current day. This information is helpful to understand current availability and identify unexpected absences. Click the Team Pulse link in the upper right-hand corner of the Activity module to open the Team Pulse Productivity Dashboard for the selected team.

Click "View today's activity" to see a breakdown of each team member's activity throughout the day.


Evaluate progress toward your team’s productivity goal for the current day, and see how it compares to the average for the current time of day and day of the week (i.e. if you are accessing this on a Tuesday at 3 p.m., the comparison will be against the average number of active users over the prior four Tuesdays at 3 p.m.) 

Click “View goal achievement” to see a breakdown of current productivity attainment for each team member.


  • The goal used for all calculations is the Productive Hrs/Day goal set for the team in Insights. Learn more about how to set goals here.

Top Categories

Understand whether application and website usage are in alignment with roles, workflows and team goals with a visual pie chart displaying the 10 most used categories for the day. Clicking on a pie slice shows all the activities (websites and applications) in that category and the time spent on each. To filter any categories, select or deselect via the list below the pie chart. Click the "Top Categories" link in the upper right-hand corner of the module to open the Top Categories Report, filtered for today.

Note: Categories can be updated for teams via group classification. Learn more

Team Trends (LAST 30 DAYS)

Get a snapshot of workload and productivity trends in your team over the last 30 days in the Team Trends section. See whether these metrics are improving or declining, and gain additional context for the current day’s performance (shown in the section above) by understanding what is typical for your team.

Note: This data refreshes once per day, whereas the Virtual Team Visibility section refreshes in real-time.

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The Team Trends section

Below the "Team Trends" section header, view your team's average daily productive hours over the last 30 days. A variation is also displayed (+/-) to compare progress month-over-month.


Assess the team’s current workload level and see how it compares to trends over the last 30 days. On the left, get an overall analysis of the team’s workload, based on the following logic: 

Optimal: >=70% of team members have healthy workloads

High: >=50% of team members are overutilized

Low: >=50% of team members are underutilized

Varied: Assorted workloads with no clear trend

The bar chart on the right represents the percentage of team members who were Underutilized, Healthy or Overutilized in each of the past few weeks, based on the following logic:

Underutilized: Users are missing Productive Hrs/Day Goal by >= 30%

Healthy: Users are within 30% +/- Productive Hrs/Day Goal

Overutilized: Users are exceeding Productive Hrs/Day Goal by >=30%

Note: The Productive Hrs/Day Goal and Utilization Level Threshold can be adjusted via the Insights Configuration Page (Insights > Configuration).

Click “View workloads” to see each team member’s utilization level over the past 30 days.

Productivity Goal Attainment

See what percentage of the team is currently achieving productivity goals, compared to the previous 30 days’ goal attainment. The bar chart represents the percentage of team members achieving or missing their productivity goal over the past few weeks:

Achieving: >=100% of productivity goal attained

Missing: <100% of productivity goal attained

Note: The goal used for all calculations is the Productive Hrs/Day goal set for the selected team. Learn more about how to set goals here.

Click “View goal attainment” to see which users are achieving and missing the goal.

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