Top Websites

The Top Websites report provides a view into what websites monitored users are visiting and for how long. It is accessed from the left menu under Reports > Top Websites:


The report will be displayed in two sections:



The left side shows the domain, whether it is categorized as productive/unproductive/undefined, total duration spent there, and what percentage of web usage it comprised.

On the right side, once a domain is selected the report will break that down further showing which subdomains were accessed, for how long, and if there are screenshots available.

We can even create an alarm for these websites by clicking on the alarm icon on the right side.


Also on the right side is the option to change the set productivity and categorization.  This will change the categorization for the domain, not the subdomain.



The right side of this report can also be toggled to display different information.

  • Titles: What the title bar reads for that subdomain
  • Subpages: The actual URL for the accessed subdomain
  • Users: Displays which users are accessing it more frequently than others. 
  • Usage: Shows how much time was actually spent on this domain


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