Screen Details (Add-on)

Screen Details is a powerful add-on providing detailed activity tracking that organizations can leverage to meet their compliance and data protection needs. 

The following features are available exclusively with the Screen Details Add-on:

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Read FAQ about the Screen Details Add-on here.


Gain visual insights into how individuals and teams work in remote and hybrid environments and investigate productivity and/or IT policy compliance incidents. Learn more→

Team Pulse Screen Views 

See real-time views of users’ screens directly from the Team Pulse Dashboard. Learn more→

Team_Pulse_With_Data_Privacy_Controls.png Team_Pulse_-_Screen_Details_add-on.png

ActivTrak Team Pulse by default

With Screen Details Add-on


Pop-Up Alarms

Enable real-time notifications so users are aware that their activity may not be allowed.

Learn more→


Application Terminations

Automatically stop the use of specific applications or close the browser to limit activities that are unproductive, inappropriate, or may compromise company data. Learn more→

Expanded Activity Details

View detailed URLs, title bars, and subdomains within activity data throughout ActivTrak dashboards and reports. Learn more→


Activity details by default


With Screen Details Add-on



Add Screen Details to Your Account


Accounts with a paid plan created on or after January 24, 2023, can access the above features by purchasing the Screen Details Add-on for $2 per user per month via the in-app cart or by contacting us.

NOTE: Similar to other Add-ons, the number of Screen Details Add-on licenses must equal the number of ActivTrak account licenses. 

Screen Details Add-on FAQ


Why is Screen Details a separate add-on?

The level at which PII (personally identifiable information) and employees’ personal and sensitive data is captured is governed by federal and local laws and regulations, as well as individual company policies and culture around transparency.

ActivTrak’s core subscription plans default to the strictest privacy controls (which don’t capture PII) to protect organizations from inadvertently violating compliance and privacy regulations, as well as to forge higher levels of trust around the use of workforce analytics with employees. 

By offering features that can contain PII as part of an optional Screen Details Add-on, organizations gain the flexibility to select the level of activity detail that meets their business needs.


With the Screen Details Add-on, can I switch my account between data privacy on or off?

No. Accounts will either have privacy controls ON via the standard plan or privacy controls OFF (with the Screen Details Add-on enabled). 

NOTE: Paid plan customers with accounts created before January 24, 2023, can enable or disable privacy controls features via the Data Privacy Toggle on the Role Access page.


Will the Screen Details Add-on give access to detailed activity data retroactively?

Yes, with the exception of screenshots. Screenshots are triggered based off of alarms; since no alarms were turned on to capture screenshots during the time without Screen Details, nothing exists to give retroactive access to.


Is the Screen Details Add-on available with a trial?

Yes. However, it will depend on which use case you select during the Guided Account Setup process. 

Post-trial, you will need to purchase the Screen Details Add-on through the in-app cart or by contacting sales


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