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ActivTrak Data Connect


Data Connect provides customers direct access into user behavioral activity data to create personalized reports with business intelligence data visualization tools (e.g.Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, Google Data Studio) and data reporting tools (e.g. Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel). Perform any query needed — all from the simple query interface of Google’s BigQuery. 

Data Connect is available to ActivTrak Advanced Plan customers and ships with 16 dashboards and over 50 pre-built reporting & analysis templates making it easy to quickly generate detailed reports for your platform of choice in the areas of Activity & Application Usage, Productivity, Collaboration & Knowledge Management and Compliance & Risk Management. 

What Is Included

  • Your own cloud-based private database
  • Secure access via Google Cloud account
  • Automatic data refresh every 12 hours
  • Query your data via SQL or BI Tools
  • Plug-and-play dashboard & report templates for Tableau (Power BI, Google Sheets, and MS Excel coming soon)
  • Quick Start guides & optional onboard session with ActivTrak to get the most out of Data Connect

How Does It Work?

  1. Create or use your existing Google Cloud account free
  2. ActivTrak configures your data instance and links your Google Cloud account to enable access
  3. Initial data load (12-24 hours)
  4. ActivTrak notifies you when the data is ready for access
  5. Refer to the Quick Start Guide & Data Dictionary to connect and get started
  6. Use ActivTrak pre-built templates for your BI Reporting platform of choice 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What data is available in ActivTrak Data Connect?


ActivTrak Data Connect gives you full access to every action, every log, every value, every user that ActivTrak collects - all in one table.


  • Why do I need ActivTrak Data Connect?


If you don’t like the reports we built in our user interface, you can create your own. With Data Connect, you can import ActivTrak data to one of a multitude of data warehouses, BI visualization tools, and developer tools. You can create personalized reports, push behavior data to your existing data infrastructure, and perform any query from a simple query interface.


  • How do I purchase ActivTrak Data Connect? 


Data Connect is available to customers on the ActivTrak Advanced Plan as an add-on. Contact Sales for a quote. 


  • How is it billed?


It can be billed monthly or annually; you will see it reflected in your invoice alongside your ActivTrak subscription.


  • Where is my data stored?


Your data will be stored in your assigned data center (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union or Australia).


  • Can I use BI tools to access my data?


Yes, you can access Data Connect using any BI tool through a BigQuery connection.


  • I don’t have staff experienced with BI tools, do you have pre-built reports?


Yes! We have a Tableau Template workbook with several pre-built dashboards and reports which automate many of the data outputs you will need. We are currently working on templates for Power BI, Google Sheets, Excel and others, which will be available soon. 


  • Do you offer implementation assistance?


Absolutely! After you purchase Data Connect, we can schedule an onboarding session where a customer support agent will walk you through the process of connecting your data source to your preferred BI platform.


  • Why do I need Google BigQuery to access my data?


ActivTrak is a SaaS solution hosted in the Google Cloud and leverages BigQuery for secure and fast access to your data


  • I’m not familiar with how to use Google BigQuery, how does it work?


It’s a pretty intuitive cloud data warehouse platform, you can learn more about it and how to use it here.


  • Why do I need a Google Cloud account to access my data?


A Google Cloud account is needed to authenticate securely into your private BigQuery instance


  • Why do I have to provide a credit card to use Google BigQuery?


You need a credit card to verify identity. You can query up to 1TB of data per month for free (the equivalent of 3.2GB records!) before incurring additional costs which is more than enough for most customers. None of our customers have ever surpassed the limit. In the rare case you surpass the monthly limit, you will only be charged $5 for each extra 1TB of data access. Go to for more information.


  • Can I use another data warehouse to run my queries?


You will need Google Big Query to access/query your ActivTrak data. You can export your outputs to other sources of your choosing after that.

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