How ActivTrak Respects Employee Privacy

ActivTrak's mission is to provide insight into how teams work in order to increase employee productivity, reduce burnout risk, and improve employee engagement and experience.

To do this, ActivTrak collects activity data from employees’ work devices and compiles it into detailed analysis and insights into daily work patterns and productivity trends. We take employee privacy seriously and do not promote the use of ActivTrak as a form of “big brother,” but instead encourage organizations to be transparent with employees about the use of ActivTrak and to empower them by providing visibility into their own work habits. View our guide for best practices on introducing ActivTrak to organizations.

Below are ways we help to protect employee privacy while still retrieving the data necessary to analyze productivity:

  • Data Privacy Controls: These controls hide granular details of employees’ website and application usage — including title bars, detailed URLs (website subpages), and images of employees’ screens — from all ActivTrak dashboards and reports. This enables organizations to gain insights into workers’ productive time, technology usage and other work habits, without being overly intrusive.
  • Configurable Role Access: When inviting an employee to access the ActivTrak app, Admins assign a User Role that determines which data and settings each user can view and/or configure. User Roles can be configured according to an organization’s needs and privacy preferences, enabling employees to access ActivTrak data without revealing sensitive information about other users.
  • Working Hours Schedules: ActivTrak Admins can create schedules aligned to employees’ working hours to prevent the Agent from collecting data during off-hours activity. Multiple schedules can be created to reflect the standard working hours of individual employees or teams.
  • Hide Details of User Activity & Non-business ActivityAvailable in Insights Dashboards. 
  • Do Not Track List: When a user is added to the Do Not Track List, the Agent stops all data collection from the associated device unless or until the user is removed from the list.
    • Pro Tip: Employees who use one computer for both work and personal purposes can create two user profiles on their computer. The ActivTrak user associated with the personal profile can then be placed on the Do Not Track list to prevent the collection of personal data.
  • Screenshots and Screen Views are disabled by default: ActivTrak’s core subscription plans default to the strictest privacy controls (which don’t capture PII) to protect organizations from inadvertently violating compliance and privacy regulations, as well as to forge higher levels of trust around the use of workforce analytics with employees. Screenshots and screen views are only available via the Screen Details add-on when required for security and compliance purposes.
  • No Keystroke Logging: To protect employee privacy and prevent capturing sensitive personal data such as banking information, passwords, etc., ActivTrak does not provide any type of keystroke logging feature.
  • No Video or Camera Monitoring Features: ActivTrak does not offer video monitoring, and the Agent does not have access to the cameras on employees’ devices. We believe these features are overly intrusive and do not yield meaningful insight into employees’ work habits.

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