How ActivTrak Respects Employee Privacy

ActivTrak's mission is to provide insight into how teams work and educate on how they can improve overall productivity. Utilizing ActivTrak's tools will help reduce employee burnout risk, increase employee satisfaction, and work quality to further fuel a company's success. To do this, ActivTrak collects data from employee's work computers and compiles it into reports to analyze. We take employee privacy seriously and do not promote the use of ActivTrak as a form of big brother, but instead recommend being transparent with employees about the use of ActivTrak. To view our guide on how to introduce ActivTrak to organizations click here.

Below are ways we help to protect employee privacy while still retrieving the data necessary to analyze productivity: 

  • Scheduling Working Hours feature: We provide all accounts with a scheduling feature that will allow an administrator to set up a schedule where the ActivTrak only collects activity during the user's set work times. This will allow employees to have privacy during their time off. To learn more about the scheduling feature click here.
  • Do Not Track list: We also provide all accounts with the Do Not Track list feature. Once a user is placed on this list ActivTrak will completely stop collecting any of the user's data and will only begin collecting data once they are removed from the list. To learn more about the Do Not Track list click here.

Pro Tip: If a user is using their own computer to work, we recommend the user creating two user profiles on their computer. One just for work purposes and one for personal use. The user that appears in the ActivTrak dashboard for their personal profile can then be placed on the Do Not Track list so none of the activity done on that profile will be collected. 

  • When an account is set up, screenshots are enabled by default. ActivTrak recommends enabling screenshots for specific conditions only. This allows for the administrators of the account to have screenshots taken only for specific activities or leave them off completely. To learn more about Screenshot Capturing click here.
  • After an account is created the assigned administrators are the only people who can sign in and view user data by default. This can be changed to allow users to only view their own data or a group's data. To learn more about allowing employees access to their own data click here and to learn more about the different viewer roles that can be assigned click here.
  • To protect employee passwords and keystrokes ActivTrak also does not provide any type of keylogging feature. To learn more click here.
  • Lastly, while we do give the option to have screenshots taken, we do not provide a video monitoring feature and the ActivTrak agent has no access to the users' camera. This allows employees to work privately wherever they are as well as keeping passwords or any sensitive information that may be shown on their screen from being recorded.


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