What Data Does ActivTrak Collect?

Curious about data the ActivTrak agent collects from users machines? The table below provides information on every piece of data taken and used by the agent. Please note that we give full data retention control to our customers, and we take the security and privacy of data very seriously. To learn more about our data privacy and security policies, click here.

Productivity The activity's productivity status; productive, unproductive, undefined. These are determined by the classifications made in the account.
Screenshots All screenshots taken for activities triggered by an alarm. 
Videos All videos taken for activities triggered by an alarm. 
Popup Alarm All records of popups for activities triggered by an alarm. 
Email sent All emails sent for activities triggered by an alarm. 
Webhook Flag to denote if the log entry is associated with an alarm that triggered a webhook sent (0 = no webhook sent, 1 = webhook was sent)
Terminate All records of activity terminations triggered by an alarm. 
Date and Time The exact date and time the user first accessed a specific activity. 
Computer The name of the computer pulled directly from the machine itself.
Primary Domain The main domain name of the server.
Private IP The internet protocol address within the local network.
Public IP The internet protocol address used to access the internet.
Logon Domain If the user is Active Directory domain attached, the domain name. If the users are not attached to a domain, the computer name will be shown. Google Chrome agents will not show anything.
User Friendly user name; typically First and Last. Pulled from the operating system.
User (raw) Simple login name; often first initial, last name. Pulled from the operating system.
User Alias The user alias that was assigned through the ActivTrak dashboard.
Session  The session ID is used by Windows to tell the difference between user sessions. You mainly only see it on Terminal Servers where there are multiple users on one computer, and Session ID 0 is almost always reserved for the System.
Category The name of the category the activity is listed under on the classifications page in the dashboard.
Duration The amount of time a user spent active in an activity.
Title What is read in the title bar of the user's activity.
Executable The executable of the user's activity.
Description A short description of the user's activity.
URL The exact URL the user accessed for an activity.
Export Log Files All of the log information is available for export by going to Reports> Activity Log. The option to export is given as a CSV file.
Export Screenshots & Videos To export screenshots and videos taken, navigate to Screenshot> History or Video> History. Similar to the Activity log, both will have an export button button at the top of the page. 


NOTE: For more data configuration and export options check out our Data Connect add on.


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