Benchmarks & Goals

You can understand baselines & trends, set team-level goals and track progress toward desired productivity improvements via the Benchmarks & Goals dashboard in Insights.

Navigate to Insights > Benchmarks & Goals and read on to learn how to use the Benchmarks & Goals dashboard.

Dashboard Filters & Setting Goals

At the top of the dashboard, you will find a set of filters that enable you to customize your Benchmarks & Goals dashboard configuration. 


Filters from left to right:

  • Metric: Select which goals to show via the dropdown options: Productive Hrs / Day, Focused Hrs / Day or Collaboration Hrs / Day.
    • When editing goals, ensure that the metric you want to adjust is selected from this dropdown.
  • Team: Select which team(s) data you'd like to see by clicking in the dropdown menu and selecting one or more teams.
  • Day Type: Select from the options: Weekday or Weekend
  • Goal: Enter a numerical value (in hours) to set a goal for the metric and team selected. The value entered here will be reflected in Benchmarks & Goals as well as all other Insights dashboards that display progress against goals.
  • External Benchmarks: Click this button to access ActivTrak's Benchmarks Guide which can help you select appropriate goals based on aggregate data from the ActivTrak customer base. Data is segmented into lower quartile, upper quartile, and median values for productive time, collaboration time, and focus time.

Team’s Top Quartile Average

This section shows average productivity/focus/collaboration behaviors (depending on the metric filter selection) for the top quartile of your team over the last day, week, 4 weeks and 12 weeks.


Tip: It’s helpful to leverage the performance of the top quartile as a means to guide the team’s behavior. Consider using these numbers as a stretch goal in the future, guiding the goals in the interim in increments if the delta between the top quartile and the average is large.

Team Average

The team average is an indicator of current baseline numbers for productivity/focus/collaboration behaviors (depending on the metric filter selection) across the team over time.


Reference the Team Avg Daily Trend (Last 12 Weeks) graph to track changes in team productivity/focus/collaboration time over the previous 12 weeks. 

Tracking Benchmarks & Goals

  • For quick access to the Benchmarks & Goals dashboard in Insights, add it to your Favorites navigation by selecting "Add Favorite" at the top of the dashboard or by hovering over Benchmarks & Goals within the left navigation bar and selecting the star icon.
  • You can also receive insights from Benchmarks & Goals by email by selecting the green "Subscribe" button at the top of the dashboard.
  • Individuals can see how their productivity, focus, and collaboration habits compare to their team’s benchmarks via the Personal Insights Dashboard. 

NOTE: If a user belongs to more than one team, the user will be assigned the goal of the team with the highest value for Productive Hrs/Day. If the goal value happens to be the same, then the highest value for Focused Hrs/Day is used for tie-breaking purposes.


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