Release Notes: Insights Privacy & Configuration Enhancements

We've released several Insights enhancements around privacy and goal-setting for our Professional & Premium plan customers. They include:

  • The ability to hide user activity details in Insights dashboards
  • The ability to set goals at the account level
  • Improved organization and redesign of the Insights Configuration page

Read more about each enhancement below.

Hide User Activity Data

What is it? 

A new setting that allows Admins and Configurators to hide user activity data from Insights dashboards to further protect employee privacy and to focus on analyzing productivity metrics at the team or account level. 

To enable this setting, navigate to Insights > Configuration >  Privacy and toggle on “Hide User Activity Data”, as shown below.


Once enabled, all reports within Insights will display aggregate or anonymized data only and will not display the names of individuals. See the screenshot below.


Note: This setting is applied at the account level and cannot be configured for individual users or teams.

Set account-level goals

What is it? 

A new setting that allows Admins and Configurators to easily set or adjust goals for Productivity metrics (Productive, Collaboration, Focus) for all teams in the account (including existing and future teams) via one easy setting. 

To access this setting, navigate to Insights > Configuration >  Metrics as shown in the image below.


Updated design and organization of the Insights Configuration page

What changed?

We reorganized the Insights Configuration page for ease of use by grouping similar settings into four different sub-pages: 

  • Metrics
  • Privacy
  • Location 
  • Subscriptions


To access the Insights Configuration page, navigate to Insights > Configuration.

Note: We may have released new functionality since this release note was published. Please see this article for the most up-to-date information about Insights Configuration.

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